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Renew Your Membership Online

Gate Card showing number to use to renew

Columbia Fish & Game now offers online renewal for existing club members. Online renewals are only available during the club membership renewal period from roughly August though the end of October each year, and is disabled during the rest of the year. You cannot join Columbia Fish & Game using this form! If you want to join the club, please go to our membership page to find out how to join.


To pay your dues, simply fill out the form below using a credit/debit card. You will be charged the current dues rate of $50 plus a service fee of $3, for a total of $53. The service fee covers the cost of using the online payment system and processing fees so that CF&G receives the full $50 renewal dues fee.

Membership Renewal

This form is for existing club members ONLY. Do NOT use this form if you are trying to join the club for the first time. To join the club, go to the membership page to find out how to join. Only click on the renew button ONCE. Do not double-click.

    The club needs to know if you have moved or changed any of your contact information, compared to what we may have on file. We should always have current contact information in case we need to contact you for any reason.
  • This is the 5-digit number found on the front of your gate card to access the club grounds. There are 2 numbers on the card. Ignore the larger number and only use the 5-digit number.
  • There is a $3 surcharge for the online payment. This is to defray the costs of the online payment processing, and ensures that the club receives the full dues payment. We appreciate your use and support of the online system!
  • $0.00
  • When you click the renew button, it may take a moment for your renewal to process. Please DO NOT click the renew button more than once. It can take up to 30 seconds for the payment to process.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.