Smallbore Silhouette Shooting

Smallbore Silhouette Shoot

Open to everyone. All 22 caliber rifles, any sight or scope. Come out and have some fun hitting the various targets. Shooting starts at 6:00 PM and will stop at Dusk. If you have any questions call Ralph Carruthers at 717-285-2559.

This is a safe, fun beginner level evening of shooting knock down targets with 22 rifles. This is open to boys, girls, moms and dads of all ages. All you will need is any type of 22 rifle (bolt, lever, semi-auto, etc), open sights and scopes are both allowed, standard velocity lead 22 ammo to shoot in the rifle you brought and ear and eye protection. All the shooting will be done from the shooting benches so all sizes can join in the fun. We will start at 6:00 PM and shoot until dusk. If you have any questions please call me, Ralph Carruthers at 717-285-2559.

2019 Schedule

April 4th               Thursday

April 16th             Tuesday

May 2nd                Thursday

May 21st               Tuesday

June 6th                Thursday

June 18th              Tuesday

July 4th                 Thursday

July 16th               Tuesday

August 1st            Thursday

August 20th         Tuesday

September 5th    Thursday

September 17th  Tuesday