About Columbia Fish & Game

Our Mission

The purpose of this association is to protect and propagate game and fish, to assist in conservation of forests and streams, to assist in making game and fish laws, and to foster and perpetuate a feeling of good will between fellow sportsmen, farmers, and game and fish authorities.

Our Club Rules

  1. Membership – Any member whose dues are not paid by October 1 may not use the club facilities until dues are paid for the upcoming year. In other words, beginning on October 1, any individual using the club facilities must have a current membership. In addition, a 90 day grace period for paying dues will be honored until December 31, as stated in the by-laws.
  2. Members only shall be admitted to the sports farm and club house. A member in good standing must accompany guest. This member shall be responsible for the behavior of their guest. This rule may be waived at the discretion of the Board of Directors when the association is sponsoring a public affair such as a dance, banquet, trap, archery, black powder event, junior rifle or educational activities.
  3. Parents/guardians shall be responsible for the conduct of their children at all times in and about the grounds, also for anything broken or destroyed.
  4. Any member in good standing is permitted to bring a guest to the club, the member being responsible for the guest. After three visits a guest is expected to become an active member of the club.
  5. Any member using the building should only use the required amount of lights; you are responsible for turning off all lights, windows and doors closed and locked, and general cleaning of the building.
  6. Any member of the club abusing club property shall be reported to the Board of Directors and dealt with accordingly.
  7. Any member using profane language or committing acts that are unsportsmanlike shall face disciplinary action.
  8. All members should help in policing the grounds and clubhouse. Also check other persons by asking for membership cards.
  9. Any person or group in charge of an activity will be responsible for cleaning up that same night or as early as possible the next day. This includes cleaning the tables, ashtrays, washing dishes and cooking utensils, sweeping the floor, turning off all lights and securing the building.
  10. The chairman of each activity is responsible to check the schedule for an open date so as to avoid a conflict with another activity.
  11. Permission for groups to use the building or any other part of the grounds for such things as picnics, indoor archery, indoor small-bore rifle shooting, etc. must be obtained from the Board of Directors and recorded on the schedule and the bulletin board, showing dates and times.
  12. Property of the CF&G Asso. Shall not be removed from the grounds without permission from the Trustees.
  13. Before any officers or chairmen may use the kitchen where the public is invited, they must contact the Board of Directors. The officer in charge or the chairman of the event is responsible for cleanup of the kitchen following the event. No children or unauthorized personnel are allowed in the kitchen.
  14. Any problems with the buildings or other facilities such as broken windows, leaky roof, damaged or broken benches, tables, etc. should be reported to the Board of Directors.
  15. Any person finding articles not belonging to them should place them in the small meeting room.
  16. There shall be no “horseplay” in or around the building.
  17. There shall be no hunting on club grounds at any time.
  18. All ranges are off-limits to non-participants unless under direct supervision of a member or person in charge of the activity.
  19. Only members and guests are invited to attend regular club meetings.
  20. Sporting arms purchased or borrowed, for or by the club, will have the serial number, gauge or caliber, and model number registered with the secretary.

Club Officers 2024

Dave Reinfried


Spencer Gamble

Vice President

Jeff Rickert

Recording Secretary

Kate Helm

Financial Secretary

Sam Weigard



Ralph Carruthers


Kevin Trimble


Shawn Benner


Chris Trimble



Brad Hoopes


Brian Springer


Ed Bachman


Kevin Maule


Harry Kintzi