From Ralph and Lynn Carruthers:

I want to start off by Thanking all the participants who came on Sunday, this was Stan’s and Charlies 30th year holding this fall woods walk! With out all of you this event would never have lasted so long. And what an event it was. I may have gotten carried away with the number of targets, but that happens on big events. The shoot started out with the threat of rain but thankfully we got most of the match in before the clouds dropped the hammer on us. The match consisted of 8 reactive targets on our new woods walk thru the meadow below the clubhouse. They varied from 29 yards to 67 yards. We also threw in a tomahawk toss for extra points. Then it was back to the rifle range where the cook crew fed us pork BBQ, baked beans, and a selection of baked goods for dessert. We then proceeded to shoot the rifle range targets which amounted to 10 shots. There was a combination of reactive targets and novelty targets on this range. There were long 100 yard shots and then followed by a 15 yards shot trying to split a playing card in half. Unfortunately, we were down two targets because one broke and the other was dropped as the rain was coming in. At the end of the day, Doug Patches won outright, which was more amazing because his gun broke, and he was using his fathers-in-law gun! Charlie Youtz and Bob Rubbo tied, and Charlie won that shoot off for second place and Bob moving to third. 4TH, 5th, and 6th were all tied up and after a shoot off Duane Bowman got 4th, Eric Hemperly got 5th and Dean Greiner got 6th. In the Junior category Katie Charles won 1st place, Jacoby Shaffer landed in 2nd and Karson Charles took 3rd.

We all got out of there before the heavy rain came in. So, thanks again to all the shooters that came out to the shoot, can’t have a shoot if you don’t come out. I also want to thank the people that helped with the setup and tear down of the course. Thanks to our spotters and scorers Lynn and Gina, who made the tough calls on the hits and misses and brushed off every bribe thrown their way. And a really big thanks to the cook crew: Wayne and Deb Irvin, RuthAnn Groff, and Carolyn Newcomer.

Download the full results here. See pictures from the event below.